Shaking Hands with Tomorrow:
An Independent School Leader’s Hard-Earned Lessons

In an increasingly impersonal, stressful, and social media–driven world, schools and teachers must be the antidote. Pete Jaques presents a strong case for altering, old structures and practices in order to deepen teachers’ understanding of students as learners and individuals. His common-sense approach offers numerous ways for schools to increase their effectiveness, foster professional excellence, and build genuine communities.

No need to reinvent the school, friends…it’s all here. A wonderfully wise teacher and superb human being, Pete condenses and explains the very best practices in independent schools with great warmth, wonderful anecdotes, and practical advice. This book is a must for everyone in independent education.

—Clay Stites, former school head and managing partner of RG175, a national search firm

Had I known, decades earlier in my career, half of what is contained in these pages, the children and teachers under my care would have been far better served. Simultaneously practical and visionary, personal and universal, Pete’s stories model inspired school leadership and lay out time-tested practices that honor the wholeness of students, teachers, and the schools they inhabit.

—Jane Fremon, founding head of Princeton Friends School